Standing Krishna Idols for Home Decor


StatueStudio Krishna Statue Krishna Ji Murti Bal Gopal Makhan Chor Thakurji Idol With this StatueStudio Lord Krishna Statue upgrade your house, garden and office. If you want to gain more riches, happiness and prosperity, then bring home Krishna’s statue.

This Krishna murti decorative is made from high quality wood. So add the beauty and spiritual sophistication, this Thakurji (as some call it) figurine is finished or decorated. He is the son of Mother Devaki and Father Vasudeva. Lord Vishnu is this world’s guardian and hence his manifestation as Krishna was intended to destroy the evil powers, restore the’ Dharma’ and liberate the people from their sufferings.

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Standing Krishna Idols for Home Decor Big Size Temple Puja Pooja Mandir Statue

  • Usage: With this statue of Krishna add a new dimension to your outdoor / indoor / home / office / garden room. Brighten any of your home decor with this sculpted image of Krishna. It can be placed on a tabletop. This Krishna murti is perfect for spreading the divine love through your prayer, sacred pooja and meditation space.
  • Positive Impact: The Krishna Sculpture is a fine spiritual decorative touch in the Home Office Feng Shui Vastu. The majestic form of this Krishna idol produces a tranquility, peace, and spiritual atmosphere filled with positive energies.
    Gift option: This Krishna statue / moorti is the perfect choice for Spiritual Lucky Gift, Fengshui Gift, Thanksgiving Gift,
  • Pls watch out for product from Copy & ensure authentic product purchase. This is the unique in-house concept & development of the “StatueStudio” brand and “intellectual property rules.” StatueStudio’ will not allow any other Brand / Seller to sell it and we will not be liable if any counterfeit or substandard product is shipped by any other seller because we produce such goods with only one aim of achieving the highest possible quality that will remain with you and enlighten your atmosphere forever.

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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 24 cm


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